Phuket's first Skateboard Park Created by Skaters for Skaters Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional skater, this park has been created to accommodate all skills levels, with one specific thought in mind - anybody wanting to learn can do so specifically on this park. Skateboarders, long boarders, surf skaters, in line skaters, Roller skaters are all invited to join.

Soft Opening – Trial Period from 20 Oct – 5 Nov (free of charge)

Grand Opening & Skate Competition 6 November (Day Pass / Member Packages apply)



Skateboard, Scooter, Roller Skate & Inline Skating

*No BMX or Electric Scooters allowed


Size of Skate Park 

650 sqm


Session Time (All ages)

Open daily 10AM  – 8PM


Food & Beverages

Kiosk – open daily 10 AM – 8 PM

Sunset View Bar: Friday – Sunday 10 AM – 8 PM


Day Pass & Members Card Packages

Day Pass: Public 100 THB / Student: 75 THB & Visitor / 20 THB /

10 Card (1month) / 950 THB

20 Card (3month) / 1,500 THB

30 Card (6month) / 2,550 THB


Protective Gear

Helmet / 50 THB

Wrist Guards / 50 THB

Knee Pads / 50 THB

Elbow Pads / 50 THB

All set 150 THB


*Ages 11 and under:  Full protective gear required (helmet, knee pads & elbow pads)

*Ages 11 and over: Helmet only required; all other pads recommended


1. All skaters must wear helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads, proper wheels, and skates.
2. Skaters 11yrs. of age and older do not have to wear wrist guards and elbow pads if parents sign off on waiver form.
3. All skaters must wear safe and appropriate clothing. (Heavy material clothing jeans or shorts)
4. A Release/Waiver Card must be filled out and signed by both the skater AND IF UNDER 18 the parent or legal guardian at the Skate Park.
5. There is to be NO SMOKING, NO PROFANITY AND NO LOITERING in the Skate Park area at any time.
6. Blue Tree Skate Parks reserves the right to have skaters demonstrate their ability before being allowed to utilize the equipment. This will help the us supervisor determine what level of equipment is safe for use.
7. Skate Park participants who are under the age of 11 always require adult supervision during free skate.
8. Food and beverages are not allowed in the park. This includes gum and all candies.

1. Any skater or skaters not following the rules of the Blue Tree Skate Park will be asked to leave the park. “NO REFUNDS”
2. Suspension of privileges, fine and/or arrest may be imposed for the violation of policies and procedures.
3. Anyone skating in Blue Tree Skate Park when it is closed will have his or her privileges suspended, or a fine/arrest will be imposed.

1. The mission of the Blue Tree Skate Park is to create a safe and challenging skating area for all skaters. It is designed to be enjoyed by skaters of all ages and to help in their development.
2. Our goal is to give skaters a place where they can have a feeling of ownership, which creates a strong personal sense of pride, wellbeing, and accomplishment.