Blue Tree Phuket’s Forest Park Outdoor Workout Center

Explore Forest Park, a sprawling outdoor activity center in Blue Tree Phuket, 50 rai of lush greenery transformed into a workout center and outdoor gym for fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Our public park features tracks and trails for walking, jogging, cycling, and even a skate park with a pump track. Immerse yourself in mother nature and enjoy the fresh air and greenery while challenging yourself with various obstacles, activities, and sports!

Forest Park is Phuket’s first outdoor workout center, offering diverse activities that promote health, wellness, and adventure in a single forest environment. Families, individuals, and fitness buffs can enjoy the perfect blend of leisure and physical challenge amidst beautifully maintained forest surroundings.

Discover Our Phuket Outdoor Activity Center

Featuring an outdoor gym, a biking trail, a jogging track, and a pump track, there’s a wide array of fun physical activities for all ages.

Forest Park is Your Go-To Outdoor Fitness Destination

Blue Tree Phuket’s outdoor activity center offers diverse activities. Whether you’re into jogging, cycling, skateboarding, or innovative fitness challenges, Forest Park caters to a wide range of interests and fitness levels.

We believe in the power of nature to enhance physical well-being. Forest Park combines natural beauty with fitness opportunities, making every workout invigorating. As the pioneering outdoor workout center in Phuket, Forest Park fosters a sense of community wellness, encouraging residents and visitors to embrace a healthy lifestyle together.