Perfect Combinations: Wine Dinners at Blue Tree Phuket

Experience great food and wine pairings at Blue Tree Phuket’s wine dinner events. Read on to learn more.

An elegant wine dinner is among the amazing experiences to be had at Blue Tree Phuket. Wine dinners are curated culinary events where each course of the meal is paired with a specific wine that complements the flavors of the dishes. The aim is to marry the culinary arts with winemaking—combining different flavors and textures in food and wine to enhance the dining experience.

Attendees can expect an evening filled with fascinating insights into the selected wines, shared by sommeliers or wine experts, alongside exquisitely prepared dishes by talented chefs. Aside from our wide selection of restaurants and bars in Blue Tree Phuket, wine dinners are a unique fine-dining experience offering a sophisticated option.

A couple having dinner with wine

Wine Dinners at Blue Tree Phuket

As a leading entertainment and amusement hub, Blue Tree Phuket hosts themed wine dinner events that are unique cultural experiences. Imagine enjoying a multiple-course meal under the stars, each course perfectly paired with fine wines, while being entertained by live music and other performances in an elegant and charming setting.

Blue Tree Phuket has held themed events centered on places renowned for their wine, including South America, Spain, Italy, and France. These evenings are held in a beautiful setting within Blue Tree Phuket. During the event, guests are taken on a gastronomic journey, with each dish and wine pairing designed to tell a story and evoke emotions, making for a truly enchanting experience.


Why Join a Wine Dinner in Blue Tree Phuket?

Whether dining with friends or a loved one, a wine dinner is a lovely treat. You can explore new flavors and discover how different wines complement or enhance a dish. You also get the opportunity to meet wine sommeliers and connoisseurs and make new friends. During the evening, you can gain insights into the art of winemaking and learn about its origins, grape varieties, and pairing principles.

When you join a wine dinner in Blue Tree Phuket, you can sit back and enjoy live entertainment along with your meal. Since Blue Tree Phuket is a premier event venue, we offer various venue options for events, including our Arena, Lagoon, and Forest Park. From dining al fresco in a forest setting to elegant, candlelit indoor arrangements, we make sure that the ambience of our wine dinners is as memorable as the food and wine for an incomparable dining experience.

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Make the Most of Your Wine Dinner Experience

A wine dinner typically includes three parts: appetizers, main courses, and desserts. The number of wines you will try in a wine dinner depends on the number of courses that will be served. To truly savor the experience of a wine dinner in Phuket, consider these tips:


Engage with the Experts

Don’t hesitate to ask the sommelier or chef questions. Wine dinners are an opportunity to learn about the nuances of wine pairing and the inspiration behind each dish.


Dress for the Occasion

While Phuket’s vibe is generally laid-back, wine dinners can be a chance to dress up. Check the dress code in advance and choose an outfit that matches the event’s ambience.


Be Open to New Flavors

Wine dinners are designed to introduce you to new tastes and flavor combinations. Even if you’re unsure about a particular wine or dish, give it a try—you might discover a new favorite.


Pace Yourself

With multiple courses and wines to enjoy, it’s important to pace yourself to appreciate the full range of flavors throughout the evening.


Wine Events and More at Blue Tree Phuket

A great wine dinner combines various elements, from the food to the wine pairings to the venue, wine expert, entertainment, and impeccable service. When you attend a wine dinner, prepare to enjoy an unforgettable evening of culinary delights and exquisite wines with a wine dinner at Blue Tree Phuket. Contact us for more information.


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