Benefits of Muay Thai Boxing

Blue Tree Phuket offers a variety of sports activities and training, including Judo and Thai boxing classes or Muay Thai. Discover why these styles of combat and physical fitness are growing in popularity worldwide and attracting curious visitors and serious professional athletes to Phuket.

Increasing Popularity of Thai Boxing Classes in Phuket

Muay Thai boxing has experienced a huge rise in public awareness due mainly to the increased exposure and popularity of mixed martial arts fighting (MMA). It’s one of the most valuable martial arts practiced by the fighters who engage in MMA.

Although Muay Thai is a type of kickboxing, basic Muay Thai techniques differ significantly from Western kickboxing. An MMA fighter who enters the ring after training in Muay Thai has additional weapons of their forearms, elbows, knees and shins at their disposal.

In the world of MMA, the more legal weapons you have, the greater your advantage, and the faster you’ll be able to climb the rankings. The astounding success of boxers trained in the basic techniques of Muay Thai is well-known, making the training almost a requirement to succeed in MMA.

Many of the most famous and successful names in MMA have spent time in the Muay Thai gyms and studios of Phuket.

Health Benefits of Muay Thai Boxing and Judo

Muay Thai boxing and Judo also have benefits for people who have no intention of stepping into the ring. Almost everyone who has spent some time in Thailand has seen Muay Thai boxers in their traditional silk shorts, jogging along the country’s roads, intent on increasing their stamina and overall health. This dedication to maintaining yourself at the peak of health through repetition and hard work is something everyone who takes a Muay Thai class learns.

Practitioners of Judo are rewarded with a superior sense of balance and limber muscles from the exercise of grappling that’s part of the sport.

People have discovered that taking a Muay Thai boxing or Judo class and learning the techniques of both can put you on the right track to losing weight, toning your body, and increasing muscle mass. These sports can provide benefits for both your physical and mental health.

Full-body Workout

Every comprehensive Thai boxing class delivers a full-body workout. By using your fists, forearms, elbows and arms as weapons, you’re also working your shoulders, chest, back and abdominal muscles. By using your feet, shins, and knees in combination with your upper body weapons and muscles, you’re exercising your entire body.

Increased Mental Discipline

The intensive and repetitive nature of Muay Thai training and Judo, while fighting exhaustion and aching muscles, increases your mental discipline. Developing this mental discipline can be important and mean the difference between winning and losing in a competitive and lengthy battle in the ring. It can also be just as vital in other aspects of life. It can help you maintain the discipline and perseverance you need to overcome challenges.

Greater Self-confidence

Undergoing a tough, physical challenge makes you feel good about yourself and increases self-confidence. It has little to do with outperforming an adversary. People gain self-confidence when they continue to improve themselves and realize they perform a little better daily when sticking to a regimen.

Stress Relief and Mental Well-being

Boxers, wrestlers and people who maintain a strenuous workout regimen are some of the calmest and most stress-free. Their physical regimen acts as a stress relief valve that allows them to work out all their frustrations in a way that can be turned into a positive result.

Weight Management

The training in the basic techniques of Muay Thai boxing and Judo also translates into an education on eating healthy practices and weight loss. People training in martial arts learn that rapid weight loss can decrease your stamina and damage your physical performance and overall health. By balancing your nutritional needs with exercise, you can safely and effectively lose weight while maintaining muscle mass and strength.

Self-defense Skills

With many of the world’s top-ranked MMA boxers coming to Thailand to immerse themselves in the benefits of Judo and Muay Thai boxing, the superior self-defence aspects of these martial arts are becoming well-known around the world. It’s raising the skill levels of professional MMA fighters and inspiring soldiers, security guards, police, and others to learn the basic techniques of Muay Thai and Judo.

Judo is a fun way for kids to compete.

Learn Judo Techniques at DOJO

Besides Muay Thai training, Blue Tree Phuket also offers high-caliber judo classes for children and adults at any level, at their award-winning dojo, simply named DOJO.

The younger students at DOJO have recently returned from Miami, Florida in the US where they successfully competed in the US Open and made history by winning four gold, two silver, and nine bronze medals!

DOJO’s disciplined competitors have also traveled to Finland, Tokyo, and the Philippines to compete and are making a worldwide name for Phuket as a prime Judo training destination. Everyone is invited to enroll in Judo classes at Dojo and explore another facet of martial arts.

Visit Blue Tree Phuket

Blue Tree Phuket offers Muay Thai and Judo classes every week for beginners and advanced students beside our lagoon, in our specialized gym, and at DOJO’s facilities. Whether you’re interested in becoming a world MMA champion, or Judo champion, or you simply want to get in shape, explore the disciplines of Muay Thai and Judo at Blue Tree Phuket. Contact us to learn more about our Muay Thai and Judo programs and register for our classes.