Spend This Songkran at a Water Activity Center in Phuket!

Turn the fun factor to 11 this Songkran by celebrating the Thai New Year in Phuket at a water activity center!

The joy of tradition is in its happy repetition, but instead of spending this year’s Songkran in Bangkok, why not take the whole family on a fun-filled water-splashing adventure in Phuket that you won’t soon forget? Be surrounded by the vibrant and colorful Songkran Festival in Phuket while sunbathing under the gorgeous tropical sun in the south of Thailand. The country’s rich heritage shines brightest during the Thai New Year, providing a fantastic beach getaway and a cultural experience for the entire family.

The Significance of the Songkran Festival

The origins of this Thai holiday go back centuries to ancient India, where it was celebrated as a Hindu harvest festival. The festival later traveled to Southeast Asia and evolved into the Thai New Year celebration. The new year is celebrated annually in Thailand from April 13th to 15th and is a time for Thai families to reunite with their extended families to resolidify their familial bonds. Most Thais will return to their hometowns outside of Bangkok during this period.

Water Splashing Tradition

Water is one of the most iconic features of the festival, which ironically began as a gentle pouring of water over family members and friends as a blessing. Over time, this tradition has transformed into energetic water battles between friends and even strangers!

For the Songkran Festival, water symbolizes purity, renewal, and life. During the Thai New Year, people participate in water-based activities to cleanse themselves of negativity, promote good fortune, and pay respects to their elders and deities. It’s also a great excuse to have a bit of cheeky fun with your friends and family.

Blue Tree Phuket

What better way to usher in the Songkran Festival than at a fun-filled entertainment hub? Our 17,000 square-meter crystal lagoon is the largest in the country and offers a host of water activities for an endless day of fun for the whole family. Blue Tree Phuket provides more than just water activities with an array of amenities that will meet your every need.


Blue Tree Phuket is more than a water activity center!
Our family-friendly environment strives to cater to everyone

Our family-friendly environment strives to cater to everyone with shopping, dining, and children’s activities all concentrated in one convenient venue for an unforgettable fun experience for the whole family. Blue Tree Phuket is built on a strong foundation of safety so that you and your family can create cherished memories at our venue without worry.

Conveniently Located

Located close to the center of Phuket island but just off to the west side, Blue Tree Phuket is easily accessible, which lets you get to the fun sooner! Our entertainment hub is easy to find thanks to our proximity to the beaches on the west coast.

Stunning Crystal Blue Lagoon

Our magnificent crystal blue lagoon

Catch a great tan or just chill by the poolside, the choice is yours when there’s so much to do at our magnificent crystal blue lagoon. There’s a whole host of water activities to choose from, if you’re feeling particularly agile, you could attempt our floating obstacle course. Want to have a go at paddleboarding? We have an area dedicated to paddleboarding enthusiasts who possess the balance of a cat!

Hop on our zipline that lets you fly over our lagoon

Looking for something a little more exciting? Hop on our zipline that lets you fly over our lagoon at a thrilling speed. Don’t worry if you can’t hold on because you’ll fall harmlessly into the lagoon below. Not enough? How bout some cliff jumping? Scale up our artificial cliff and choose to jump from either 5 or 10 meters into the crystal blue waters below. There’s no better time to go cliff jumping than in our safe and controlled environment.

Land-Based Activities

Our entertainment hub also features numerous land-based activities

Besides water activities, our entertainment hub also features numerous land-based activities for both young and old. We have a colorful and stimulating supervised play area at Kids Planet for your little tikes where you can leave them while you enjoy the other adult activities at Blue Tree Phuket. Our friendly and professional staff will ensure that your little ones are supervised and entertained during their stay here.

Fancy joining your kids for hours of endless fun? Check out our Adventure Village, where you and your kids can work up a sweat bouncing from one foam pit to another! There are climbing nets, a pirate ship, and a donut slide where your kids can run wild. The entire area is generously padded to ensure that injuries are minimal.

Looking for activities for yourself? How about working up a sweat with some beach tennis? We also have dart football, skimboard, archery, and plenty more!

Numerous Dining Options

End your fantastic day at Blue Tree Phuket with a delicious dinner at one of our many restaurants.

Tree House Restaurant

Enjoy a variety of Thai and international cuisines or just lay back and relax with a refreshing cocktail in hand as you catch the beautiful evening sun setting on our breathtaking lagoon. The high vantage point of this restaurant gives an unparalleled view of our whole property.

Bay Grill

Bay Grill serves a delightful mix of pizzas and burgers

Conveniently located inside the lagoon, it’s the perfect place to grab a bite between splashing around with your friends and family. Bay Grill serves a delightful mix of pizzas, burgers, and smoky grill and barbecue items to re-energize you for more fun in the sun. Enjoy a plate of Summer Sliders for just 150 THB that includes three types of meat: Crispy Chicken, Fish & Chips, and our Classic Beef slider.

Sunset View Tapas

Craving some delectable Spanish tapas? This restaurant serves freshly made Spanish salads to keep your energy going. There’s also a variety of beers, cocktails, and fresh juices for you to enjoy as you catch a spectacular sunset from here.

Made in Italy

Handmade Italian ravioli, freshly baked bread

Handmade Italian ravioli, freshly baked bread, and a variety of Italian salads, this is a match made in heaven for enthusiasts of Italian cuisine. Be enchanted by the old flavors of Italy with freshly made soups, meat, fish, and pasta dishes. Our Italian dishes are so good you might forget you’re still in Thailand! This Easter, why not try a three-course menu for only 1,400THB? The Italian Easter Set Menu features classic Italian recipes and is available all-day on Easter Sunday!

Spend Songkran at Blue Tree Phuket

Blue Tree Phuket is more than just a water activity center it’s a one-stop entertainment hub for the whole family! Our family-friendly atmosphere will ensure that everyone will have an unforgettable Songkran experience here. Embrace the spirit of family, unity, and joy this year, and make Blue Tree Phuket the highlight of your celebration!

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