Tree House Restaurant & Beach Lounge

Tree House Restaurant & Beach Lounge offers stunning views of the Blue Tree lagoon. Cozy seating, a relaxed vibe and the resident DJ complements the varied menu of fresh favorites. Casual and stylish, Tree House Restaurant & Beach Lounge is swathed in various shades of green and boasts a sustainability theme.

Casual dining with a menu curated for fine tastes is what you can expect at Tree House Restaurant & Beach Lounge. Choose from surf & turf specialties, fresh fish, an array of tapas and scrumptious vegan dishes. The signature cheeseboard pairs well with the venue’s creative cocktails.

Tree House Beach Club & Restaurant is spread across level 1 and 2 of the Tree House, and also features access to the idyllic Blue Tree Beach.


1st Floor Beach Lounge: 10.00 -19.00

2nd Floor Restaurant: 11.00 – 22.00

3rd Floor Canopy: 17.00-23.00