Explore the Interactive Map of Blue Tree Phuket

Mu Mu Club House

Koh Roc

Skate Park

Sunset Café

Cliff Jumping


Super Fly

Family Fun Zone

Padel Phuket @ Blue Tree

Bay Grill

Lagoon Entrance

L'arôme @Blue Tree

Food Trucks

Blue Tree Arena

Kids Planet

Welcome Center

Retail Lifestyle Village

The Local Kitchen

Forest Park

Visiting Blue Tree Phuket

Here's a helpful guide on what to bring and do to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at Blue Tree Phuket, the ultimate vacation activity center in Phuket.


What to Bring

Make sure to bring the essentials, such as swimwear and sun protection to fully enjoy our water-based activities.

Wear light and breathable clothing and bring extra clothes in case you need to change.
Carry water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially during hot weather.


What to Do

Plan your visit by checking the Blue Tree Phuket website for our operating hours, ticket prices, and event schedules. Purchase your tickets in advance for your convenience.

Allow time to explore each zone to experience the variety of activities available and make the most of your stay.

Practice safety first by ensuring children are supervised, especially in water areas, and follow all safety guidelines provided by the park.

Follow our Phuket recreation park’s eco-friendly policies, such as properly disposing of trash and minimizing waste.

With these tips in mind, you’re all set for a fun, safe, and hassle-free experience at Blue Tree Phuket. Plan your adventure today!