The Blue Tree Phuket Lagoon

The Blue Tree lagoon utilizes the innovative technology of Crystal Lagoon® to maintain excellent water quality while reducing the use of chemicals, energy and water. The advanced water treatment technology requires just 1% of the chemicals needed to regulate conventional swimming pools, while the energy-efficient filtration system uses only 2% of the energy used by regular filtration systems. The system allows for the capture, filtration and use of rainwater to reduce the use of water from external sources.


Energy Efficiency

Blue Tree Phuket supports the efficient use of energy throughout the park.  This includes the use of LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, such as laptops, printers/copiers and air-conditioning units. In addition, it is company policy that air-conditioning units are set at a minimum of 250C and all lights and electrical equipment are switched off when not in use.  In addition, Blue Tree Phuket uses electric vehicles for guest transportation around the park and back of house operations.

Boasting an average of 2,100 hours of sunshine every year, Phuket is not only a great holiday destination but also the perfect location for harnessing solar energy. Blue Tree Phuket has a 185 kwp solar panel system on the roof of our Lifestyle Village.

Producing an average of 600 kWh of clean energy every day, the system reduces our use of fossil fuels and helps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that damage the climate. In the last quarter of 2020, the system saved the use of 18 metric tons of coal and prevented 35 metric tons of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. This is the equivalent benefit to our planet of planting 587 trees.

Living on an island surrounded by salt water, we appreciate the importance of effective water management.

At Blue Tree Phuket, we aim to ensure our water needs are met with minimum effect on the local environment.

Firstly, rainwater is collected from building roofs and stored in an underground storage tank, while a network of storm drains send rainwater to two large retention lakes on the property.

Secondly, we minimize the amount of water we consume through the use of water-saving appliances, as well as sensors and aerators on taps and showers. An internal sub-metering system enables us to monitor water usage in different areas so that leaks can be detected and dealt with quickly.

At Blue Tree Phuket, we are implementing a number of initiatives to reduce and manage waste. For example, all employees are given a reusable water bottle and reusable tote bag, and there are free water refill stations located throughout the park. Furthermore, we separate, upcycle and recycle waste materials wherever possible and compost the food waste from Blue Tree restaurants.

One of the biggest problems facing society today is plastic waste. Blue Tree Phuket is committed to avoiding single-use plastic wherever possible, while ensuring proper safety and hygiene measures are followed. We also have an in-house plastic recycling workspace and offer fun and educational recycling workshops to teach guests about the problems of plastic pollution and recycling possibilities.

As a responsible business, Blue Tree Phuket understands that we are in a position to promote environmental sustainability and give back to our local community at the same time. In this respect, we host study tours, workshops and other events to inform and educate visitors about sustainability.


For example, in August 2020, we organized a beach clean-up at Layan Beach, that removed more than 100 bags of trash and 100 kgs of discarded fishing nets from the local ecosystem. The fishing debris and plastic bottle tops were upcycled as part of our arts and crafts and recycling projects.  We also support local organizations on a variety of environmental and CSR projects, such as making soap from used cooking oil and upcycling old vinyl banners into new products.

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