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Blue Tree Phuket invites you to a world of learning, fun, and fitness. From swimming and Muay Thai to Zumba dance, our classes and workshops are tailored for all ages and interests. Let’s explore! 


One Of Phuket’s Largest Zumba Dance Workshops

Get ready to dance your way into fitness with fun Zumba dance classes and workshops in Blue Tree Phuket, arguably one of the largest classes on the island. Hosted in our expansive arena, which can accommodate up to a thousand people, this is your playground to dance, connect, and stay fit. Our classes are also a chance to join a like-minded community in Phuket where you can connect with people who share your passion for dance and healthy living. To add to the fun, we frequently welcome celebrity Zumba instructors to lead our classes, adding an extra layer of excitement to your fitness journey. So join us and let loose!


Swimming Classes

Take the plunge with Blue Tree Phuket’s renowned swimming classes, perfect for children and adults. In the sparkling waters of our beautiful Crystal Lagoon, our friendly and expert instructors make learning to swim an enjoyable and enriching experience for all ages. Whether you’re a beginner looking to build confidence in the water or seeking to refine your strokes, our swimming lessons cater to every skill level.

Beyond swimming, we also offer exciting paddle board classes in Phuket. These lessons provide a unique opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the water while engaging your core and improving your balance. And for those aspiring to take their skills further, we also offer expert lifeguard courses complete with certification. Dive in and discover the joy of swimming with us!


Muay Thai Classes

Tradition meets modern training with our exhilarating Muay Thai boxing classes at Blue Tree Phuket. Our classes, led by passionate expert instructors, offer a unique blend of physical conditioning and martial arts techniques. Whether you’re a beginner keen to learn the basics or an advanced practitioner refining your skills, our sessions are designed to challenge and inspire. Train against the serene backdrop of our crystal lagoon or the dynamic atmosphere of our state-of-the-art gym, both providing the perfect setting to master the art of Muay Thai. Experience the strength, discipline, and beauty of Muay Thai at Blue Tree Phuket and discover a new level of physical and mental empowerment.


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Join us at Blue Tree Phuket and become part of our vibrant family, offering diverse, fun and engaging classes. From the empowering techniques of Muay Thai to the high-energy rhythms of Zumba, each session is an opportunity to enhance your skills, explore new hobbies, and connect with a supportive community. Make Blue Tree Phuket your ultimate destination for personal growth, community, and enriching experience.
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Enhance your skills by joining one of Blue Tree Phuket’s famous courses or workshops. Our expert team provides fun and valuable instruction for a wide range of activities. From swimming classes for kids and adults of all ages in our beautiful Crystal Lagoon to expert lifeguard courses with certification, there are plenty of ways to enhance your confidence in the water.
Or why not try our active and fun Zumba courses? Taking place on the stage where we host concerts and festivals, there is plenty of room for even the most enthusiastic Zumba dancer to show their moves. We also offer a broad range of additional workshops and courses including Muay Thai and sustainability courses across our Lifestyle Village. Contact our team today to book your place!

Blue Tree


Group Bike Ride is the long ride of the week, and covers 30-40km. It is designed for cyclists and triathletes who wish to improve and increase their endurance, but is also suitable for beginner to

Blue Tree

Aquatic Swim

Our certifiled coaches will teach your children the key skills of swimming and water safety by 4levels of lesson / private lesson options *No experience required, *Learn in a safe and fun, *Swim in our

Blue Tree


Our certifiled coaches (FA THAILAND) will teach your children the skill & technical of basic how to play the games and challenge by mini competition after the training by 2levels of lesson / group lesson


Zumba Dance

Ignite your passion for Latin Dancesport at the Lagoon Zone of Blue Tree Phuket. Step onto the dance floor and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Latin ballroom dance styles. From the sultry salsa

Lifestyle Village

Basic Yoga / Yoga Asana

Yoga is a wonderful practice that benefits the individual in many ways. Regular students can expect to see an increase in their strength from building up tone without bulking out the muscles, an increase in

Lifestyle Village

Body Stretching

Ignite your passion for dance and unleash your artistic expression with our Contemporary Dance Class at the Lagoon Zone. Led by highly skilled instructors, these classes offer a dynamic and immersive experience for dancers of

Blue Tree lagoon

Muay Thai

Step into the world of martial arts and discover the power and elegance of Muay Thai at Blue Tree Phuket. Located underneath Superfly, our Muay Thai classes offer an immersive and transformative experience for enthusiasts

Southside Knights Chess Club

Social Chess Night

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of chess at Blue Tree Phuket’s Social Chess Night. Held at the lively Blue Tree Lifestyle Village on the 2nd floor, this event welcomes chess enthusiasts