Studio CKP 

Established in Phuket in 2016, Studio CKP is a growing architectural design company.

Dedicated to providing professional Architectural and Design services, Studio CKP delivers the highest quality experience to its clients throughout the concept development and construction phase.

The company’s strength comes from its diversity with a creative team composed of talented professionals from 5 different countries, including Thailand, with diverse expertise in architecture, landscapes, engineering and interior design. This multi-skilled approach is key in providing a variety of perspectives and delivering more creative solutions.

Studio CKP's international team cultivates the power of design through their talent, experience and innovative processes as they work alongside their clients in the creative phase to connect people with the designed spaces.

The studio is committed to encouraging its clients toward the use of environmentally-friendly materials and sustainable practices.

Opening Times:
08:00 - 17:00
Monday - Friday

[email protected]
+66 (0) 80 718 2751

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