Treat Your Kids at Blue Tree Phuket’s Entertainment Center

Treat your family to a day they’ll never forget at Blue Tree Phuket’s entertainment center this vacation.

Wednesday 14 December by Blue Tree

Surprise your kids one day with a trip to Blue Tree Phuket’s entertainment center on your next vacation to the island. The whole family will be delighted with the variety of fun activities to explore.

Taking a family vacation can be both a joy and a headache for many parents. It’s always fun to spend quality time with your kids in the sunshine. But kids have so much energy that sometimes you just can’t keep up with them. Many parents wish they could take their kids to a safe place in Phuket where their kids could have fun while the parents relax and enjoy their vacation too.

Kids love Blue Tree Phuket’s entertainment center.

Discover Blue Tree Phuket

Now there is a place where kids can have a wet n’ wild time while parents browse the shops, have a bite to eat, or join in the water fun themselves! It’s called Blue Tree Phuket, and it’s located close to Bang Tao Beach. Our vast waterpark and entertainment center offers so many fun activities and things to do that you’ll want to spend the whole day there. Blue Tree Phuket is divided up into many zones and areas that offer something for every member of the family.

Blue Tree Phuket isn’t just a waterpark. With a Lifestyle Village of shops to explore, a skate park, and a vast indoor children’s play area called Kids Planet, the term ‘waterpark’ only scratches the surface of what Blue Tree Phuket has to offer.

Four Areas of Fun

Blue Tree Phuket is divided into four main areas: Blue Tree Lagoon, Blue Tree Arena, Kids Planet, and Lifestyle Village.

Blue Tree Lagoon is the largest part of the park and offers a huge lagoon with a Zip Line above it and dozens of electrifying slides, games, and activities. You can paddleboard in the lagoon, and kids can splash in the shallow water along the beaches. Parents can rent a daybed or cabana along the beach and set up camp for a day of fun in the tropical sunshine. Around the lagoon’s edges you’ll find activities to test the skills of kids and adults alike. Try our Ninja Warrior obstacle course, Cliff Jumping area, and the Super Fly waterslide that will launch you into the pool below. There’s also a skate park where skateboarding enthusiasts can test their limits.

Blue Tree Arena comes alive after the sun goes down. With the stage area presenting live music, DJs, and dancing, the arena is often party central in Phuket until late. Check the Blue Tree Phuket website to stay up-to-date on the upcoming events at Blue Tree Arena.
For your peace of mind, our Kids Planet offers indoor and outdoor areas where your kids can play in supervised safety and security all day long.

Have a wet n’ wild time at Blue Tree Phuket.

Outdoors, the Family Fun Zone is the place to be. Our crystal lagoon offers lots of whimsical water features to delight the family’s younger members and keep everyone cool in the tropical Phuket weather.

Indoors, your kids can frolic in the ball pit, foam pit, or on the slides, trampolines, and climbing structures. They can play in the sandbox out on the deck or explore the many games and activities available. All the activities are conducted under the gentle and watchful eye of our trained staff.

Parents will love Lifestyle Village. It’s designed to look like the old Sino-Portuguese section of Phuket Town. While your kids work up an appetite, you can browse the many quality shops, take a yoga class, or work up an appetite yourself at UTime Fitness.

Your family will be spoiled for choice when it’s time for lunch. Enjoy a family meal at our flagship Tree House Restaurant & Beach Club, or maybe the aromas of fresh seafood on the grill will attract you to the Bay Grill. Or why not each choose something different from the variety of tasty treats offered by the food trucks at Blue Tree Phuket.

Family Days at Blue Tree Phuket

On your upcoming vacation to Phuket, why not plan a 1-day itinerary to Blue Tree Phuket to give your kids a unique and thrilling day? They’ll take home many exciting memories of the day, and you’ll also be able to enjoy the day in the sun without worrying about the safety and security of the youngest members of the family. We look forward to welcoming you to Blue Tree Phuket.

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