Phuket: The Ultimate Family Holiday Destination

Phuket is a dream beach holiday destination, with many family-friendly activities.

 Phuket is a dream beach destination for<br />
a family vacation.

The island of Phuket is a dream beach destination for many couples, but is it good for a family vacation? The answer is that Phuket is the perfect place for a memorable family holiday. There’s a whole host of activities for your family to enjoy. You can choose to spend the day on the beach, explore the national parks or visit an amusement park specifically designed for the family.

Let’s take a look at all the different activities you can enjoy in Phuket!

Spend a Day at the National Parks

There are a number of national parks close to the island of Phuket where you can immerse yourselves in the natural beauty of Thailand.

Khao Phra Thaeo National Park

Just 20 kilometers from Phuket Town, this national park hides numerous treasures. If you’re lucky you’ll see the mischievous gibbons swinging merrily from tree to tree, the slow loris snoozing the afternoon away, and the mysterious civet cat quietly making its way through the virgin forest. For bird-lovers, this sanctuary has recorded over 80 bird species within its borders, and reptile lovers won’t feel left out either with more than 60 species of reptiles living in this forest.

Sirinat National Park

Drive 30 kilometers north of Phuket, and you will find breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea, and beaches lined with pine trees all along the coast. The national park runs through four beaches: Sai Kaew Beach, Mai Khao Beach, Naiyang Beach, and Naithon Beach. There are no hotels here, but you can set up tents in and amongst the massive casuarina trees. Many locals spend their weekends camping on the beach and barbecuing. Located close to the international airport, you’ll often spot airplanes flying low over the water as they come in to land.

Khao Sok National Park

Visit Khao Sok National Park when you have a family vacation in Phuket

Roughly 130 kilometers from Phuket, Khao Sok National Park is a nature reserve with dense jungles and towering karst formations. It sits within the beautiful Cheow Lan Lake, which impresses with its serenity and beauty. Visitors can explore this national park by canoeing along its rivers or hiking along its trails carved into the jungle. Try to spot hornbills and the famous Rafflesia flower that gives off the stench of rotting flesh to attract insects for pollination!

Spend a Day at the Beach

Phuket is known for its spectacular beaches. You can choose to go snorkeling, take a diving course or even rent a jetski for an exhilarating ride across the sea. Whatever activity you choose will be a blast for the whole family. Here are some of the best beaches to check out in Phuket:

Kamala Beach

One of the most popular beaches on the island, Kamala beach plays host to several resorts and beach clubs. Cafe Del Mar Beach Club is the perfect place to spend the afternoon lounging on the beach and enjoying the water activities on offer.

Bangtao Beach

Bangtao is one of the longest beaches on Phuket island, and it’s conveniently located close to the airport. There are a number of beach clubs where you can sit back and enjoy a book. There are also several restaurants along the beach where you and your family can have a sumptuous dinner while enjoying the sunset. Bangtao is one of the longest beaches on Phuket island, and it’s conveniently located close to the airport. There are a number of beach clubs where you can sit back and enjoy a book. There are also several restaurants along the beach where you and your family can have a sumptuous dinner while enjoying the sunset. 

Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach Phuket - a perfect place for family vacation!

Mai Khao Beach is the secret but not-so-secret beach hideaway where you can spend a quiet afternoon enjoying the sun, sand, and sea with your family. There are no food vendors, beach chairs, or thumping house music taking away from the serenity. But as mentioned before, there’s absolutely nothing here so pack everything you’ll need for the afternoon.

Blue Tree Phuket

Blue Tree Phuket is the perfect amusement park for the whole family.

Blue Tree is your one-stop entertainment hub in Phuket for the whole family. There’s a whole host of activities to keep everyone entertained. You can spend the day participating in aquatic activities in the largest Crystal Lagoon in Thailand. There are water slides, zip lines, and beach volleyball. You can rest easy knowing that your family will be able to enjoy water activities safely in a controlled environment away from the dangers of the beach. There are no waves, currents, or monsoons to be afraid of and our lagoon can be enjoyed all year round.

For those with younger children, you can spend the day at Kids Planet, where your kids can explore their creativity and socialize with other kids their age. We have specially trained staff who are experienced in handling young children, so you can leave your kids and explore the many activities we have on offer at Blue Tree Phuket.

After a day of fun, pop into our Lifestyle Village for a spot of shopping or choose from various restaurants to wind down for the evening.

Join us at Blue Tree Phuket and have a fantastic day of fun with your family!

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