Lots of Fun Activities to Do in Phuket

Phuket is the perfect place for a family vacation. There’re lots of fun activities to do in Phuket.

One of the necessary tasks for parents planning a family vacation is choosing a location that offers a variety of things to keep everyone in the family busy, engaged, and happy. Phuket is one of the obvious choices for parents as it offers plenty of activities to do and some of the most stunning beaches and natural surroundings to enjoy.

We’ll describe five of the most fun places to visit in Phuket to experience a vacation of non-stop thrills and excitement. All of these locations are suitable for children and adults. You won’t need to wonder where to go in Phuket for a variety of fun activities. Together, these places will add up to Phuket being the active family’s number-one choice for vacation spots.

Phuket is the perfect place for a family vacation. There're lots of fun activities to do in Phuket that’ll keep every member of the family happy.

The Upside Down House Museum and Attractions

The whole family should be sure to charge up their camera and phones before visiting this one-of-a-kind exotic attraction just outside of Phuket Town. Everyone will want to get plenty of pictures of themselves interacting with an upside-down house.

The main draw of this attraction is, of course, the 13-meter tall upside-down house that’s built on stilts. Enter this house and be ready to confuse friends back home with the photos you’ll get. It’s a completely furnished, upside-down house. Kids can play like they’re making lunch in the upside-down kitchen or having a pillow fight in the upside-down bedroom.

The grounds of this attraction also contain a garden hedge maze designed by Adrian Fisher, one of the world’s most acclaimed maze designers. A fun treehouse overlooks the maze the younger kids will enjoy playing in. For the older kids, there’s an escape room where players have 30 minutes to find the key to unlock the room.

The Surf House

This is a four-story restaurant and bar in Patong, Phuket. But it also has an installation on the ground floor that’s certain to grab the attention of the water lovers in the family. The Flowrider will captivate family members who love the thought of experiencing the thrills of surfing in a controlled environment.

The Flowrider is a soft, rubberized ramp with a non-stop wave of water washing down it at high speed, replicating an ocean wave. People can ride the wave on either a bodyboard, a “flowboard”, which is a small surfboard, or a regular surfboard. There are also instructors on hand who can train family members in the ins and outs of “flowriding”, while the rest of the family wait for their turns and enjoy a range of Thai and international foods and drinks.

Kathu Waterfall

A visit to Kathu Waterfall is a lovely, natural way to experience the tropical jungle without venturing too far into it. The waterfall cascades down through four pools in the lush tropical jungle just over the hill from Patong. The waterfall is close to the road and carpark, which makes it easy to visit for families with small children who’d rather not walk too far.

Kids and parents will have a blast playing in the pools and cooling off in the waterfall. The area around the waterfall is also a great place to sample some of Thailand’s famous street food. There are stalls and carts all around the waterfall selling their delicacies to the visitors.

Flying Hanuman

Next door to Kathu Waterfall is Flying Hanuman Phuket. This is a zipline park where everyone in the family can soar over the jungle below suspended on ziplines. Flying Hanuman is also an eco-adventure because the trees and natural forest area below the ziplines have been mainly left untouched. The park was created without disturbing the natural flora and fauna of the jungle.

There are two programs to choose from in the park. FH1 has a whopping 42 platforms to zipline to by 14 ziplines, 4 sky bridges, abseil points, spiral staircases, and sky rails. FH2 has 28 platforms and 7 ziplines, 3 sky bridges, abseil points, spiral stairways, and dual ziplines. FH1 costs THB 3,490, and FH2 costs THB 2,650.

zipline activity in phuket

Blue Tree Phuket

We’ve saved the best attraction for last. While all the preceding attractions offer lots of fun and are suitable for every family member, they probably won’t fill an entire day. This means you’ll have to visit two or more attractions to fill up everyone’s fun quotient for the day.

The alternative is to simply visit Blue Tree Phuket. This is a huge entertainment center that consists of a lagoon with a beach surrounded by shopping areas, restaurants, a family-friendly water park, a cliff diving area, a zipline traversing the lagoon, and a Super Fly waterslide that vaults you high into the air before you splash down in a pool.

Within the Phuket entertainment park, there’s also a Ninja Warrior obstacle course, a skate park, a performance stage, a lifestyle village with foam and ball pits, trampolines and climbing structures, and a kid’s activity club with both outdoor and indoor areas.

The lagoon area and surrounding attractions are open from 10 AM to 8 PM, meaning the entire family can spend the day at Blue Tree Phuket having fun, enjoying lunch and dinner, and taking in a music show at the end of the day.

Parents don’t want to drive from place to place, trying to keep everyone happy. If you want to enjoy your vacation while keeping the family peace, put a visit to Blue Tree Phuket at the top of your to-do list when you arrive on the island this coming vacation.

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