Experience Some Thrilling Extreme Sports at Blue Tree Phuket

This summer, engage in some next-level fun with extreme activities at Blue Tree Phuket! Join us for some extreme sports and challenges!

Ready to engage in some next-level fun and adventure? Take part in the numerous extreme sports activities available at Blue Tree Phuket! Join us at our world-class entertainment hub for an unforgettable experience right in the heart of Phuket. Besides the numerous dining options available, we have endless activities for visitors of all ages. For those who crave adrenaline, Blue Tree Phuket is the place to visit for an entire day of extreme sports and fitness fun!

Seasonal Activities and Events at Blue Tree Phuket

We have filled our calendar with themed sports events and tournaments to give you a thrilling and challenging experience with extreme activities like water basketball, dart football, and beach tennis. These events are designed to provide our visitors with an exhilarating experience while participating in friendly competition.

Annual Beach Volleyball Tournament

Blue Tree Phuket also hosts an annual beach volleyball tournament, attracting local and international teams. This high-energy event is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and challenge your friends to an extreme sports Phuket experience they won’t forget!

Easter Egg Hunts and Games

We have organized Easter egg hunts and games for younger visitors during the festive season. These activities provide a fun and engaging way for families to bond while participating in some light-hearted activities Phuket offers.

Thrilling Sports Activities

Pick up Muay Thai at Blue Tree Phuket

Blue Tree Phuket is home to a wide range of thrilling sports activities conducted by experienced coaches who are dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible experience.

Muay Thai by Coach Chay & Oad

Experience the intensity of Thailand’s national sport with Muay Thai classes led by Coach Chay and Oad. Coach Chay and Oad will push you to the extreme and test your limits to help you develop strength, agility, and discipline.

Cricket by Coach Ashan

Made for cricket enthusiasts, Coach Ashan offers coaching sessions designed to hone your skills and techniques. This is a fantastic opportunity to engage in an authentic cricket experience while improving your fitness.

Swimming by Coach Chor

Make a splash with swimming lessons from Coach Chor, who will guide you through various swimming styles and techniques. This is an excellent way to enjoy the refreshing waters of Blue Tree Phuket while engaging in a healthy and fun activity.

Fitness Training by Coach Hod

Coach Hod’s fitness training sessions are perfect if you want to get in shape or simply maintain your fitness. These challenging workouts will help you achieve your fitness goals while testing your limits!

Dance Fitness by Coach Emmanuel

Shake off the stress and have fun with dance fitness sessions led by Coach Emmanuel. This unique experience combines the thrill of dancing with the benefits of a full-body workout.

Football by Coach Collin

Soccer fans will love the football coaching sessions offered by Coach Collin. Improve your skills and technique while engaging in a friendly game of football.

The Upcoming ‘I Did It’ Series

Blue Tree Phuket’s upcoming ‘I Did It’ Series is an exciting addition to its roster of events. Developed by our very own coaches to give participants an exhilarating challenge, this series will feature various triathlon activities, allowing participants to push their limits and achieve personal milestones.

More Thrilling Activities at Blue Tree Phuket!

Thrilling activities Blue Tree Phuket

Besides the incredible extreme sports activities mentioned above, Blue Tree Phuket offers even more thrilling experiences for visitors seeking excitement.

Crystal Blue Lagoon

Embark on a wet and wild adventure at our Crystal Blue Lagoon, where you will find a variety of challenging inflatable obstacles, slides, and climbing walls. Test your skills and balance while navigating the largest Crystal Lagoon in Thailand.

Zipline Adventure

Blue Tree Phuket exhilarating zipline adventure
Soar through the air on Blue Tree Phuket’s exhilarating zipline adventure. This heart-pumping experience allows you to glide over the crystal blue lagoon at thrilling speeds, providing an adrenaline rush like no other.

Blue Tree Skate Park

Embrace your inner skater at our all-new Blue Tree Skate Park! Designed by skaters for skaters, this thrilling 650 sqm park is the perfect place for skateboarders, longboarders, surf skaters, in-line skaters, and roller skaters of all skill levels to enjoy their sport in a safe and fun environment. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find our skate park is perfectly designed to keep you entertained and challenged!

Skate sessions are available at no cost from Monday to Friday, with extended hours on Fridays. You can enjoy full-day access for just 50 THB per person on weekends, public holidays, and school holidays. Dust off your skates or pick up new ones and start skating your way to our new Blue Tree Skate Park!

Artificial Cliff Jumping

Experience the thrill of cliff jumping in a safe and controlled environment at Blue Tree Phuket. Scale the artificial cliff and take the plunge from either 5 or 10 meters into the refreshing waters below. This is perfect for those who want to push their limits and conquer their fears.

Ready to conquer your fears and challenge yourself with the exciting extreme sports activities at Blue Tree Phuket? There’s no better and safer place to do it than with us here, where thrilling experiences and unforgettable memories await. Visit Blue Tree Phuket today, and let the adventure begin!

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