Welcome to Blue Tree, Phuket’s Recreation Center and Entertainment Hub

Premier Entertainment Center and Amusement Park in Phuket, Thailand


Blue Tree Phuket is your go-to destination for endless fun and adventure! Get ready for an immersive experience, day and night, at our activity center and recreation park in Phuket.

We offer everything you want in a daycation in Phuket, from Thailand’s largest Crystal Lagoon featuring the country’s longest Superfly and water jump, to a covered amphitheater and events arena, lifestyle shopping village, natural Forest Park, and an array of fitness and sporting activities.

If you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping attractions, our amusement park caters to individuals, couples, families, and kids of all ages, making us the perfect daycation spot in Phuket.

Get Your Ticket Right Now !

Purchase your tickets online to save time and enjoy a hassle-free entry. Choose the ticket that fits your criteria, whether you’re a tourist or a local resident, and purchase it easily on our website. Present your ticket upon arrival at Blue Tree Phuket and enjoy a day of sun, water, and fun!

All Inclusive

Adult and child tourist ticket

All-Inclusive Packages

Escape to the lush landscapes of Phuket and immerse yourself in Blue Tree Phuket. Our all-inclusive package to our attraction brings convenience and simplicity to your visit. Make a splash in our Crystal Lagoon, a revolutionary patented concept, and have fun with an array of aquatic activities featuring the most thrilling slide in Thailand. 



Adult and child tourist ticket

Day Tickets for Tourists

We have updated our prices!

For Tourist, Adult day passes are now 950 THB, reduced from 1200 THB.
Children’s tickets are now 500 THB, down from 750 THB.

Please note that from July 1st to 31st, the Super Fly and 10-meter cliff diving spot will not be available.
Cliff jumping is still allowed, but only from slightly lower heights.

Tickets available for sale and valid until July 31, 2024

Thai - Resident


Adult and child ticket for residents and Thais

Day Tickets for Thai Nationals & Residents

We have updated our prices!

For Thai nationals and residents planning a visit to Blue Tree Phuket, secure your tickets in advance to streamline your experience!
Adult day passes are now 500 THB, reduced from 700 THB, while children’s tickets are available for 215 THB, down from 270 THB.

Please note that from July 1st to 31st, the Super Fly and 10-meter cliff diving spot will not be available.
Cliff jumping is still allowed, but only from slightly lower heights.

Tickets available for sale and valid until July 31, 2024

Events and Highlights

There’s always something new happening at Blue Tree Phuket Entertainment Hub, suitable for families and kids! Check out our latest events and promotions below. Don’t forget to bookmark our website for the most up-to-date promos!

01 Jul – 05 Jul


Phoenix Triathlon Race Blue Tree

Sports Camp

Enjoy 5 days filled with Sports & Games, Art & Crafts, Cooking Classes, Lagoon Water Games, and more of what Blue Tree has to offer for your children!

Six Zones, One Ultimate Day Out

Blue Tree Phuket has six exciting zones, each offering unique experiences for an unforgettable daycation.

Explore our iconic Blue Tree Crystal Lagoon, adventurous Forest Park, leisure-filled Lifestyle Village, the action-packed Blue Tree Arena, Kids Planet, and exciting Skate Park. Each zone in our Phuket activity center will keep you busy with fun activities for adults and kids of all ages, featuring water slides, restaurants, sports, music, and so much more.

Crystal Lagoon at Blue Tree Phuket recreation park

Blue Tree Crystal Lagoon

The centerpiece of our activity center, our stunning crystal-blue lagoon is the heart of our amusement park in Phuket, Thailand. It’s a paradise for water enthusiasts, offering a variety of water sports and activities for the whole family.

The Lifestyle Village at Blue Tree Phuket includes a shopping and recreation center

Lifestyle Village

Head to Blue Tree Phuket’s Lifestyle Village for culinary delights and shopping. With a selection of restaurants, retail shops, activity centers, and a kids club, there’s a perfect chill spot for every family member.

Blue Tree Phuket’s Forest Park, a recreation park for family and kids

Forest Park

Explore our Forest Park, featuring 50 rai of lush greenery. It’s an ideal place with extensive tracks and trails for outdoor activities, fitness, and exploring nature.

Don’t miss the Skate Park in the middle of our activity center in Phuket

Skate Park

Bask in the high-energy atmosphere of our state-of-the-art Skate Park for skating enthusiasts of all skill levels. Located within the Blue Tree activity club in Phuket, you’ll easily spend hours of your daycation here.

Catch fun events at Blue Tree Arena activity center in Phuket

Blue Tree Arena

The Blue Tree Arena is a dynamic venue for various activities, events, and performances. It’s a great spot to experience the vibrant atmosphere of our entertainment hub and activity center in Phuket.

Lots of fun activities to be had at Blue Tree Phuket’s kids club

Kids Planet

As a go-to recreation park for families and kids in Phuket, Kids Planet provides endless fun and learning opportunities in a safe and stimulating environment.

Events at Blue Tree Phuket Entertainment Hub

Blue Tree Phuket is known for hosting a variety of cultural and seasonal events, making every visit unique. It’s a place where local culture and global entertainment meet.

There’s always something happening at Blue Tree Phuket, with tons of events and activities taking place every day. Check out our upcoming events so you can plan your trip accordingly!

Explore Blue Tree Phuket

Browse our map to discover every fun, thrilling, and exhilarating experience we offer at Blue Tree Phuket.

For those seeking a memorable daycation, Blue Tree Phuket is the ultimate destination, combining relaxation, adventure, and entertainment for a day well spent.

Mu Mu Club House

Koh Roc

Skate Park

Sunset Café

Cliff Jumping


Super Fly

Family Fun Zone

Padel Phuket @ Blue Tree

Bay Grill

Lagoon Entrance

L'arôme @Blue Tree

Food Trucks

Blue Tree Arena

Kids Planet

Welcome Center

Retail Lifestyle Village

The Local Kitchen

Forest Park

Visiting Blue Tree Phuket

Here's a helpful guide on what to bring and do to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at Blue Tree Phuket, the ultimate vacation activity center in Phuket.


What to Bring

Make sure to bring the essentials, such as swimwear and sun protection to fully enjoy our water-based activities.

Wear light and breathable clothing and bring extra clothes in case you need to change.
Carry water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially during hot weather.


What to Do

Plan your visit by checking the Blue Tree Phuket website for our operating hours, ticket prices, and event schedules. Purchase your tickets in advance for your convenience.

Allow time to explore each zone to experience the variety of activities available and make the most of your stay.

Practice safety first by ensuring children are supervised, especially in water areas, and follow all safety guidelines provided by the park.

Follow our Phuket recreation park’s eco-friendly policies, such as properly disposing of trash and minimizing waste.

With these tips in mind, you’re all set for a fun, safe, and hassle-free experience at Blue Tree Phuket. Plan your adventure today!